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Part III The magazines

Depending on how you look at it the magazines for the PTW can be plus or a minus.

I'll start with the negatives. The gun can not use anything other then PTW mags. You can also not use PTW mags in any other gun. This could be bad for several reasons. The first is you would not be able to exchange mags in the heat of battle with a team mate if they are using anything but a PTW. Right now there are very few PTWs on our local fields. The next issue is price, PTW mags are close to $50.00 a piece. You can get a six pack for $250-$275. The next issue would be choices, you have one. The only mag available is the 120 round midcap.

The good things. The mag is exactly the same size and weight of a loaded 30 round real steel mag. The mag also looks and feels exactly like a real mag. The best part is the mag feeds every single BB. It also feeds the BBs realiably unlike many other cheaper mid-caps. The quality of the mag is unmatched, but it should be for the price.

From left to right, standard mag, PTW mag, real steel.

As you can see the standard mag is a little shorter then the the PTW mag and the RS.
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