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Systema M4 PTW MAX(2008) Basic review

This is a review I recently posted on WNYA.

I'm going to start this review off with a disclaimer. I am still a PTW novice and really don't know all that much about the inner workings of this gun. From a technology standpoint it's quite a leap from standard AEGs. Comparing it to normal AEGs is like comparing an AEG to an LPEG you would get from the flea market. Now I am in no way knocking standard AEGs, they are the back bone of the hobby and work just fine for what we use them for. A standard AEG in the right hands can be tuned to the same performance as a PTW. But the fact is there is a huge difference in technology, this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Part 1

On to the review. This review will be a multi part put together over time as I learn more about the gun.

What you get for $1500. In the box you will find the weapon, one 120 round mag, loading tool, small bag of BBs, instructions on CD, hop adjustment tool, registration card, M150(red) cylinder and if purchased from an authorized dealer a warranty. You must use Systema brand battery's, if you don't you will void the warranty.

The complete game usable kit. This is a gun that you can't just buy and run right out and use in a game. Mags are proprietary and the M150 is not realistically game useable(something we will go into later). In my opinion the things you need at a minimum is a 6 pack of mags, 9.6volt battery and the M110(blue) cylinder. Pictured is also the 12volt battery for the M150(red) cylinder, Sure-Fire RIS, EOtech, G+P Troy flash suppressor, and back up sight. So with the minimum your looking at a total in the $2200 range. As pictured your pushing closer to $3000.00. This is of course the biggest down fall of the PTW, the price.

The gun itself is very heavy. It's weighted the same as its real steel counterpart. The build quality is second to none, it's for the most part indistinguishable from the real thing. Some comparison shots with the real thing.

Trade marks are nice but of course not realistic. Red Wolf has lowers with proper trades.

I opted for the full-auto version. It's my understanding that the auto versions can be converted to burst fairly easily.

The gearbox and electronics are held within the lower receiver. As you can see everything is very compact. The gun has what can be described as small computer that monitors everything the gun is doing. Every time the weapon fires the pistons always ends in the forward position. It also monitors power consumption and lets you know if there is any issues via a small LED just forward the gearbox.

The electronics system also allows for "last shot lock back". When the weapon fires the last BB the gun stops firing, no dry firing. To get the weapon to fire again, a fresh mag must be inserted and the bolt release has to be depressed. You can see the bolt catch in this picture along side the real steel.

More to come
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