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Originally Posted by Fiya View Post
Okay that helps, alot. I perhaps forgot to mention I remember him mentioning something about him having replica firearms... I specifically remember him commenting on how they were full version models, only without the internals to make it deadly. So he MAY have some kind of license to import replica firearms. I have to get back to you with this once I talk to him more tomorrow. If you could answer some of the other questions about it which would assume he had a replica firearm license... Before... The things pertaining to importing airsoft now. Would he need to renew it? Will it still apply?

After reading though the link (briefly) I think I found the loophole... I believe he has mentioned being a supplier of the RCMP/local police department. Something of that nature... I'm recalling him bringing up many things that he had come into possession of for awhile when the -Law Enforcement Branch- ordered something new... Not sure if he would/had access to the 'replica firearm' division of the license. This is a possibility. Would a dept. or RCMP division order from a local place like this? I would think there would be a 'larger' power importing and distributing to all dept/RCMP divisions.
Even if he does have the license to import them, he legally can not sell them. So it would be all his own risk if he chose to do so, which would put the rest of his business at risk.
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