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I am disappointed that this will be my first post in ASC. At the moment I am actually slowly constructing a flame-post absorbing fort made of toilet paper, pillows and unicorn horns around me in anticipation for the answers I may recieve... *Sigh*

I don't mean to be... Presumtious, ignorant to the laws of Canada, or a information leech either. I have looked this up to within my abilities. I have not been able to come across a straight answer.

In addition I will be getting age verified as soon as possible. I may be able to get verified this weekend at a local event actually. That is my hope at least... If I should not be talking about this until I am age verified then I will accept that and discontinue this while my 'age is pending'. (I'll keep my magical-unicorn horn, pillow, and paper anti-flame embattlement. )

If age verification is not an issue in talking about this, I will continue.

A near-by 'sport' shop had a firearms license and used to be a big firearm supplier in my locale. He is wondering if he can import airsoft from outside Canada. From what I understand, with a business firearms licence you can import firearms. There also may be a provision for replica firearms which (Most) airsoft guns fall into. Now where I am looking for answers... Do all "Business Firearms Licenses" have the provision for replica firearms or does it have to be a factor when acquiring the license? Do they 'expire' or have to be renewed? How can a business owner 'check' his status with his license? (If it needs to be renewed or specifically have a section for replica firearms.)

This is for my information so I understand his position better and to know what to tell him. He is interested in importing airsoft, what should he/I know in order to import them legally? Is it possible for him? What information do I need to get from him in order to find out?

I realize I will most likely need to talk to him some more and learn more about what he knows about it. I am a fairly well trusted 'regular' or supporter of him. His business has undergone a slow transformation from a full blown 'hunting, fishing, taxidermy, etc. shop' to a extreme sport shop. I.E. Skateboarding, (Which is the focus in his shop now and what I am into most. Airsoft is something I would like to start though) snowboarding, wake boarding, BMXing etc. Now he wants to import airsoft if his license will allow it.

Keep the flames to Katrina hurricane or less level please. Hahahha... Hah... Ha...... *Gulp*
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