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Originally Posted by Angry Chef View Post
What speed do you drive on the highway there gramps???
You really don't want to know *...I'm just being conserative 'cause I don't know haw fast (or slow) she drives, also you gotta take into consideration the "average" slow down due to "rush" hour traffic between TO and London. LOL

*My average travel time from Brampton to downtown Kitchener is under 40 minutes...
*RUGGER did an average land speed test on me coming back from an FR game one night and it was 140 kmh plus....
*Have also picked up AIRRAID from Kitchener (for our first game at FLAGSWIPE) and had SCHWAG comment about being "in the loose your lic zone" when he realized how fast we were traveling (AIRRAID just started to stare into the back of the passengers front seat).....
You just can't do it all the time.....unless you want to get royally screwed over.

That, and I hope not to be a grandfather for quite some time (if I have anything to say about it). LOL

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