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Originally Posted by theshaneler View Post
question for you all... my family owns a large chunk of land about 50 min outside of the city that is about 2 miles off of any highway, and is totaly fenced mainly with barbed wire, and has no trespassing about every 100ft would it be ok for me to play on this land, side note i will notify the police.
i just asume it is fine considering we skeet shoot there all the time w/o telling the cops. so i asume it would be ok to airsoft there... just dont wanna end up like that G_unit guy who had the cops called on him and was banned.... to add: i have not airsofted there yet just checking!!!!
Provided there's not public access (authorized or otherwise) You'll be fine. Where are you located?
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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