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Originally Posted by spike666 View Post
where in Ontario??i go there often to see my family in st Catherine's and London and around those 2 places. I do like purple, my fav color is dark red, but purple is very easy to work with (in going in to fashion, and i make clothes for my sister in purple alot)
LOL, location is posted under my avatar. Actually we live in Brampton, which is about a 10 minute drive north of the 401 as you pass through the west end of Toronto.....kinda on your way, but at least 2.5 hours before London and about 1.5 hours before you hit St.Cath.

I'll get the wife to PM you if you'd like this weekend and you can get another womans' input on the sport (TokyoSeven is another active female player BTW).
Maybe when you are passing through you can hook up with my wife for lunch or something.

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