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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
I should really get my wife in on this thread, or at least get her to send you a PM. It's a shame you live in Quebec (though Quebec is beautiful), as I think you'd fit right in with the other female players in the southern Ontario area, especially my wife. However, the two of you would probably be at odds regarding black....close to 70% of her wardrobe is black, but she loves purple more than anything else. My daughter loves pink (she's almost 5) and practically all her clothes are pink....jeans, sweats, Ts, sweaters, jackets, etc...but then again don't most little girls??LOL

Anyways, If you feel you need anymore information for you project, feel free to send me a PM.

where in Ontario??i go there often to see my family in st Catherine's and London and around those 2 places. I do like purple, my fav color is dark red, but purple is very easy to work with (in going in to fashion, and i make clothes for my sister in purple alot)
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