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Hello MIA, I'm the cadpat pimp and Admin of Pants.
Read the FAQ! ( Had to be said )
Thanks for capturing the attention of the Drooling Noobs. The crap count in threads has decreased in the last 48 hours.
TRU started ASC. The original players got tired of phoning each other. The original boards had other names ( dunno not that old here ) but the purpose was to post games and who when and where info. Then it grew onto how to fix this or that and who's selling their old AEG. There are a series of Milestones to mark the history of ASC.
TRU opens TRUmart
Props Canada order
Age Vertification
and blam blam blam here's this giant web creature.
There are still some of the original players here, Phalanix is pretty old ( hahahaha) and if you see (Meat / Meta) Bravo One Six, Sha Do, Scarecrow, There are two kinds of Groups on ASC. Airsofters and Chairsofters. People who play and people who talk about playing. Regardless there are a lot of real characters here and epic events, Scandals and Subcultures. ASC has a huge following of Photographers. A major amount of MilSim enthusiasts. this thread will not give you a glimpse of the crap that goes on. Read the News Section. The General Section. skip the Off topic as thats just pop culture. but to get a real feel of ASC look in the trash bin. Just till you ge the Gist of why a thread is there. The rest is Flamorz therapy.
Practice the search button function, use Wanker as the search item. draw your own conclusions.
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