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This is stupid.

3 clicks to get to the point where it'll download...who knows what kind of cookies and crap I've just messed up my computer with and now that I've downloaded the first issue, it says I've reached the download limit and won't let me download the second issue.

At least the PDF opens...with a "Property of..." dark grey watermark across each page.

To the original poster...
If you're going to post it up free, make it free. Otherwise don't bother, it makes you seem unprofessional and issues like the above is just plain annoying.

I haven't had a coffee yet and maybe that was a bit harsh....thanks for putting this up.

Nice to see two local teams in there...congrats! Too bad Jason is humping JR in one of the pics. I liked the DIY chrono article, but it's really a shame there wasn't more detail there.

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