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FREE AirsoftXtreme International Magazine. ALL Issues for FREE!!!!

Good Day Airsoft Players!

We, From AirsoftXtreme Magazine International is proud to announce that All AirsoftXtreme International Issues from Maiden up to the Recent issue # 5 can be downloaded thru Our website for FREE!!!

Yes, You heard it right. for FREE!!!. We are the only Airsoft Magazine the Prints
in hi-quality Paper and distribute it in 8 countries as well as giving opportunities to all Airsoft players to own our magazine before we print it.

For Possible Advertisers: We are offering the the lowest full and spread page ADs.

For Printers/Publishers/Distributors: We offer Print and Distribute.

For more info email us at: or

Visit our Website at for more details.

If you wish to download directly. Heres the Link of our Airsoft Xtreme International Magazine Issues:

Note: MediaFire is Free. Press the Free button to download all AX Issues for FREE!. No donations, No paypal, No money involved.

Airsoft Xtreme Issue # 5: Jan - March 2008 Issue (with watermarks, it will be taken out after the release of the 6th issue)
Download Link for AX5:

Airsoft Xtreme Issue # 4: October - December 2007 Issue
Download-Link for AX4:

Airsoft Xtreme Issue # 3: July - September 2007 Issue
Download Link for AX3:

Airsoft Xtreme Issue # 2: April - June 2007 Issue
Download-Link AX 2:

Airsoft Xtreme Issue # 1 (Maiden Issue w/ watermarks)
Download-Link AX Maiden:

Mediafire is file hosting server.

Here's the procedure:

1. Click on the link
2. Scroll down and click the FREE button
3. Wait for it to finish.
4. You can now open the Pdf file posted.
5. Enjoy! Happy Reading

For More Details, Visit our website at :

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