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replacing my gear thanks to the canadian govt!!

i recieved a bit of a luck in the form of a suprise tax return for 2007 ( still waiting on 2006 return )so im slowly replacing some of my gear that was sold when i wasnt working. first is my clearsoft co2 pistol
tac-lite NOT included. so new i havent had a chance to paint it so stay tuned for paint job and chrono test.( last one chron'd in at a cool 327 fps with m/t .20 )

next up is brand new used :lol: lbv that came as woodland but with the generosity of bigfoot field owners i was given some left over paint to make it o.d as pictured here.

new foregrip rail and tac-light with remote switch.

purchased but not pictured is my carry handle rail and rds

(ps) kinda funny that the canadian govt is supporting my airsoft purchases dont you think!
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