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Random chunk of metal in the mechbox

Hey guys and gals,

Last night at FR about half way throguh the night my TM G36 suddenly jammed. The motor would just torque slightly every time I pulled the trigger.

Today I took it apart and there was a very small square piece of metal lodged between two of the gears. When I opend it the spring was compressed so I didn't discover the cause untill I took the gears out and I saw a piece of metal with small chunks taken out from the teeth on the gears.

I searched everything and couldn't figure out where this metal peice came from.

On top of the V3 mech box there is a black part that you put a bolt through from the stock to keep the mechbox secure. Well I noticed that the piece had broken off of that. Now the only way for it to get in the mechbox is through the port in the cylinder. I never would expect something so ludacris to happen. I suppose the shock from firing so many times just cracked it off and the little fucker found his way home. Luckily I had my pistol so I could still play.

Anyways I just thougt I would let everyone know what happend last night.

Below is a picture instead of black the part is silver

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