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KSC MK23 Mags

I realize that finding mags for a KSC MK23 HK/HW 2005 is difficult, but what is this mag made for?

Courtesy of WGC Shop....

Here is the mag that i thought i needed:

KSC Mag - MK23 Series


KSC 28 Rds Magazine for MK23 ( 2005 Ver. ) Out of Stock

__________________________________________________ ______________

Here is the mag that i have my questions about:

KSC Mag - MK23 Series


KSC 28Rds Magazine for MK-23 Proto ( 2005 Ver. ) In Stock US$34.00

- Suitable for KSC MK23 Series
So i just wanted to know if this mag would work with the pistol model that i listed above.

Thanks to all who post,

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