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WGC Transaction Problem

Hello there,

I recently ordered two WE1911 magazines and a bag of BBs from WGC Shop. The total came to $85.65 USD shipping included. I chose to pay bank-to-bank transfer. I completed the transaction and thought everything was good. Then I got an e-mail from them saying that I only paid $65.65. They said that my bank deducted $20 USD as a bank fee. However, I looked at my receipt and I already paid the bank fee.

WGC asked for more money and I told them no. I also e-mailed them a copy of my transaction receipt. I still have not received a reply from them. I can't talk to the people at the bank because they claim they are not responsible if anything goes wrong with the transaction.

I am pretty pissed off now because these two magazines are starting to cost me a lot of f@#$ing money. I would really appreciate some feedback on this issue:banghead:
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