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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
hmm, what blows me off is the fact you can they let you in with a MP5 reciever, as CFC stated MP5 and all of its variant are prohibited (that includes G3s as it's the same design) I guess it meant that you can pretty much get any rifle receiver eventually.
Does anyone know if the M4 RS handguard import from US to Canada require a PAL or not? like the KAC M4 RAS.
Gryphon got the MP5 lower in because that's not the registerable portion of the gun. The lower receiver is not defined broadly as a controlled item. The defining point is where the serial number is located. In the case of the MP5 (and G3 series), it's actually on the upper receiver.\

And no, you cannot "get any rifle receiver eventually". The CBSA has guidelines they follow, and in Gryphon's case, they improperly seized the item. He got it back on this basis and this basis only.

You do not need a PAL to import a handguard. Whether the U.S allows the export is a totally different matter.
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