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Originally Posted by Dog Face Killer View Post
It's a real mystery and frankly baffles me why there is sooooo much negativity coming from the same community that constantly complains about the policies (some of witch are pseudo policies...IMO) of the federal government, yet when someone tries to make a concerted effort to try and effect some change, they get ridiculed....baffling...completely baffling!!!!
Theres nothing to be baffled about, because there is no mystery at all. We are not the ones complaning, the only people who complain are newer people to this website who dont like how pricing is and beak about how there should be a way to skirt the current set up. The majority of us dont complain about the laws. So I dont know where your getting that.

Im assuming your response is going to be something along the lines of this.

"Bang head band head bang head blah blah Im better than you bang head bang head bang head."

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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