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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
Looks like I picked a good weekend to go away.

Here's some free advice:

I was hoping to pay!

1) don't send e-mail. Every twelve year old wanker sends e-mail and everybody in government more or less ignores it. Send it by registered mail or courier, well typed, no spelling errors, addressed to a specific individual with a specific title on the most impressive letterhead you can get your hands on. "To whom it may concern" e-mails are about the most least effective way to communicate with a large organization I can imagine.

That was and will be the next step. I'm curious too see what , if any, answers i get via email from them!

2) don't bother writing the RCMP, they are an enforcement arm, not an arm tasked with giving legal advise or rulings. For someone who quacks alot about his power and legal knowlege it surprises me you did not figure this out.

I don't pretend, nor have i pretended to be a lawyer or master at law. I have simply stated that fighting it out in court is not as scary or monumental a task as some would have you believe.

3) If you want to write to anyone you could well consider Customs, or Crown Law Criminal (part of the AG's office). You may get a faster response on some on your questions by writing to the provincial AG than the feds.

Crown Law Criminal???
AG = Attorney General?

Why would you suggest i contact a provincial office on a federal matter?

4) Don't expect an answer that applies to some of your questions across Canada, as some of your questions are provincial jurisdiction, some are federal.

Fair enough!

5) In fact don't expect a good answer at all. The government does not have an obligation to explain the law to you, or to make advance rulings on specific issues. You can, however bring a reference case to deal with the matter. You seem to like to go to court, go for it on this one.

Reference case? I'm familiar with a case conference, but not reference case!...please explain.

Whom do you suggest i bring this case against and on what specific issue?

6) Please do post you results when you get them. Until then giving yourself the self-appointed title of leader and dumping on everyone else as a "follower" is about as arrogant as Cdn Stalker seems to find me, and that's bad man, not good.

For the most part your interpretation is wrong, though i can see that some may be offended by it...but I'm sick of all the nae sayers out there that have lots to say but no action. My attitude is put up, or shut up. And that is not directed at anyone specifically, but rather something i believe. Ether do something about your situation, or stop complaining about it.


BTW, what kind of law do you practice if I may ask!
Oh wait, was she a great big fat person?

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