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Originally Posted by Metallica60091 View Post
They probably keep it and have a flippin customs people airsoft tourney.

Anyways, as far as guns go, I got like $300. Paintball is more to play, but it's easier to find a place to play, and cheaper for gun purchases.
I think the Internet ate my post

I suggest the following

Find a game (it's the off season) but most airsoft teams and communities are pretty close and friendly. Go out to a game and ask one of the vets for a spare AEG. The majority of vet players will likely lend you their spare if you talk to them in advance and get to know them. Test your feet before you leap into the sport.

Next If you really want, it is possible to drive down to the states and bring up an airsoft. In the FAQS there are some excellent discussion on this and improving your chances of Customs letting you in.

Every time I go to the states visiting family I drop down to that store. There are MANY and i mean MANY MANY Canadians who drive down for the weekend and bring up guns. Email them and ask for more information.

If you are still looking and can't do that try the Canadian online retailers provided in the links section of the FAQ.http://

Try local gun dealers. Some gun retailers sell AirSofts (Edmonton, pistols and SMG only) I've only seen made in america models but they are better than clearsofts and most have upgrade options.

Canadian Tire... Let me explain this route. Each Canadian tire is independently owned. My friend in BC claims to have purchased a TM M9 GBB from a Richmond Canadian Tire. On a whim I tried my local Canadian Tire stores. Three of them in town Carry Made in USA Airsofts on top of the Pellet/BB guns and real steels. Each store will have different items.

I've read on some forums that some Walmart super centers carry Made in USA airsofts. I know they carry safety gear and clearsofts.

If you have 300-500 you can still get started. Generally all guns come with 1 locap mag. Buying 1 Hi cap will run you ~30 dollars.

Battery and Chargers can be bought incredibly cheap from your local battery world store. They can build you a custom pack for whatever you need. DO NOT BRING YOUR GUN TO THE STORE. Go to the internet and show them a battery configuration.

Hope this helps.
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