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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Holy fucking argument Batman!!!!!

I gave up posting a while back, now I'm giving up reading this thread.

You won't win if siezed.

Quit while you have cash in your pocket.

Don't fuck the rest of us by being a cheap bastard looking for a sweet cheap deal then going to court over it after it gets seized.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, you didn't even need to send that to the RCMP via e-mail, you could have simply posted it here and they would have read it.
Your ignorance is bewildering to me...and I'm not sure insulting people is the best way to win an simply shows your level of immaturity and lack of professionalism and integrity!

Tomorrows letter is to the CITT to get clarification on the past few rulings they have made...and one to the CBSA as well!


P.S. I don't give a shit who in the RCMP reads this....I WANT SOLID ANSWERS from a qualified person in a position of power to answer my questions...period. And if you think they wont answer me work my magic...remember that all these agencies work for the "People of Canada"...we elect the policy makers into power...they have accountability to us weather they like it or not. It's whether or not your willing to do what it takes to shake the tree and get them down off their perches....i am! And before anyone starts saying "your gonna ruin the sport for all of us" WAKE UP.....if anything its a step forward...not backwards! :banghead:

Furthermore, its attitudes like yours thats the reason the select few of us are leaders...and the majority are followers.

I plan on posting all my results for the community to see...because all i have seen up until this point is pure fucking conjecture and not one document form anyone from the RCMP/CITT or CBSA.

If I'm wrong...ill be getting a case of beer..we can all meet up at TTAC3....and get drunk on me....until then...good night!
Oh wait, was she a great big fat person?

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