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Email to the RCMP:

"To whom it may concern,

I would like to get some clarification on the legal status and stance of the CFC and the RCMP on BB guns also known as “Airsoft” guns in Canada, specifically, only those models that have a maximum muzzle velocity not exceeding that of 152.4 meters or 500 feet per second, yet are over 124 meters or 407 feet per second.

The questions are these:

A: Are they considered to be “replica” firearms if they meet the above outlined criteria or are they considered to be “BB” or “pellet guns”?
B: Do they need to be registered with the CFC/RCMP
C: What is the legal age to own and poses ether a “replica” and or a “BB/pellet gun” in Canada?
D: Is it legal to import a BB, pellet or Airsoft gun into Canada if it meets the muzzle velocities outlined above?
E: Is there a permit or any other necessary “special” documentation in order to import said guns?

I look forward to your response and clarification on the above outlined items and appreciate your time and attention in the matter.

P.S. please send response via email to this email address."

Now we wait...i will post the response once i receive it...if they try to avoid me...I will be heading over to Ottawa to get some answers from head office in person...if that fails...ill lodge a complaint with my member of Parliament!
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