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Originally Posted by Dog Face Killer View Post
Prove it....put your money ware your mouth me one iota of "official" documentation on this. All the evidence i have provided thus far...including CITT rulings from CANLII, have been self explanatory...unless you can provide proof, i would kindly suggest you back down!
Why are you asking me for ""official" documentation", when I only stated that your previous post simply repeats what many other posts here have said?

As we've already said, the 407fps rule from the CITT rulings are not law. You can read the Criminal Code for yourself. CITT and RCMP can make shit up and easily back out of it, especially when it's not official. The fact that McGuyver has tried approaching RCMP for their mysterious 407fps report and has gotten nothing should indicate the unaccountability we're facing.
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