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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Your entire post contains absolutely nothing new. If you had bothered thoroughly checking previous threads on this, you'd realize that people have spoken to CBSA officials and gotten all sorts of responses, none of it in writing. So please get off your pedestal.

Good luck getting it in writing from Alain Jolicoeur. I'm guessing you're not familiar with CBSA appeal procedure, but appeal on seizures can take the form of reclassification of the device in question by the president of CBSA. CITT has thus far blocked all appeals, and by extension, all cases from ever reaching the point of a reclassification by the CBSA president.
Prove it....put your money ware your mouth me one iota of "official" documentation on this. All the evidence i have provided thus far...including CITT rulings from CANLII, have been self explanatory...unless you can provide proof, i would kindly suggest you back down!
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