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Originally Posted by Doc7144 View Post
Hey guys i know theres lots of small groups out there IE: Pen, K-Town , Kamloops ect Lets get a more accurate toll of the amout players who are available, and maybe work together putting on a large scale weekend or long weekend 24hr tactical event in the Summer. 2 large teams a common objective, A tachtical airsoft Military style operation. ( lets think big) Please sign in with active -mail Addys suggestions, ideas, concerns,a good site location, ect? A sponsor or 2 would be great as well for such things as Command, and operation tents. A on site airsoft dealer would be a gr8 idea for any Gun, ammo, repairs, sales ,supplies ec. " Sign in" Lets get some kind of an idea to a player count Doc
hey man google airsoft kelowna............thats our community site.
we have a zombies game coming up in march.
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