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Originally Posted by Dog Face Killer View Post
Thats the kettle calling the pot black....All i have gotten have been "smug jabs"!

As far as the "armchair lawyer" comment...i think it would be safe to say that 99% of the people here have never had to deal with the least i hope they haven't had too , and therefore are basing their opinions on nothing more than speculation and lack of knowledge of the legal system in Canada.
Speculation you say, well before you go swatting away what everyone here has told you today, know that a few of us have dealt with customs first hand on multiple occasions, some of us have attempted appeals and have failed. I even rember an instance where a member of this forum approached the border in person and attempted to solicit a legitmate answer out of a service agent and was only given the same greyish response that we all know.
Dont you dare speculate on what we do know and do not know and claim that we lack knowledge in the Canadian legal system. The majority of us have learned our lessons through experience, we are not basing out opinions on speculation at all. You should be one to talk if anything, since your little crusade is based entirely on "ifs" and not hows.

"What if this? and what if can we convince this person that? what if? what if? what if? what if?"

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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