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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
im all for legalizing airsoft and such. but really, if the process of such brings unnecessary negative attention to our sport, then i'll just man up and spend the ridiculous markup to get guns from within canada. the last thing i want is to be cut off from guns completely and (god forbid) to make playing airsoft illegal, like how it is in Australia. While i understand your frustration, id rather take it slow. your heart is in the right place. but there are too many variables. if in the process of raising positive awareness about airsoft, you get some negative attention, then our sport could become even more restrictive. i for one do not want that. at least now we can play and obtain guns. so why mess with a delicate balance. if the laws change, it will be a top down approach (i.e. canadian government will have talks with british government and then they will fix the laws), not a bottom up approach.
I fully hear your concern, but i strongly disagree with you!

The only way (in my opinion) to ever get anything done, is to get it out there in your face style (but with cooth and professionalism) and lobby lobby lobby. Its the only way to get things done. All you will do is stagnate if you sit back and do nothing!
Oh wait, was she a great big fat person?
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