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My sincerely advice? Don't.

This is at best a waste of time or money, at worse something that could hurt us. We don't need someone "fighting the good fight" just because. The only fight we need is the neccessary fight and the winnable fight.

Airsoft manufacturers are not a bunch of corporate juggernauts, they're not going to throw their weight into this because: 1. You're absolutely nobody; 2. They've got no such weight to throw.

The way I see if, dealing with CBSA, CITT and RCMP policy on imitation firearm is like fighting the Borg. If you throw something at them in piecemeal skirmishes over time, they just adapt to each occasions separately at the low level. You get no where except being out of ammunition. If you're going to do it at all, you throw everything into one decisive engagement and take it as high as it'll go, because nothing short of the Federal court system is going to dent their defences of ignorance, extra-legal tactics and unaccountability.
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