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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
They would ban airguns 1000 times beofre they'll relax policy to allow more "scary gun-looking things" into Canada, I promise you. I've had the "pleasure" of dealing with the CBSA Firearms Agent at the land entry at Portal on a couple of occasions. He (I won't mention his name) has a real hard-on for airsoft and sees it as his mission to remove them from Canada (he actually said this). When confronted with the law and CBSA policies, he actually said "I don't care. I'm king in my little world and can do whatever I want".

He would care if you took a tape recording to a sure the judge would have lots to say about his attitude and disregard for the law assuming you were in the rite and he was being a jerk!

His reach extends from BC to Mantioba, this is why Alberta retailers avoided land entries for years and stuck to air shipments so they could enter at Calgary to a more receptive agent.

Try and fight what you don't know about, and you won't win.

Iv been told that before an won on non airsoft related stuff in that holds no water with me!

I've beaten the CBSA on seizures, but when I did, the slammed the door anyways on another technicality (and bad faith at that) that would have forced another appeal in Federal Court to resolve. The cost would not have been worth it, and the chance of winning would have been slim.
What im talking about is bigger than just one person or one importers talking about opening up the industry in a big way...Rome was not built in a have to fight the battles you can with the resources you have. You might even try to get some of the manufacturers to somewhat fund your would be in their best interest to do so...and im not saying that they would...just tossing it out there to get the debate going.

Furthermore, you would be surprised how easy it is to represent yourself in court...i have been doing it now for almost 1.5 first it was one of the scariest unknown things i have ever done....but once you have done it a few makes you laugh people that pay lawyers $450+ dollars per hour for a job you can do yourself for nothing more than your time and the odd court filing fee...and win at that!!!!
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