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Originally Posted by Dog Face Killer View Post
The "Joules" thing is the only gray area for me...gona clarify that on Monday when i make my call to the RCMP!
Is a grey area for everyone, including the RCMP and those that wrote and follow the firearms laws too.

Used to be very well known and documented that is must be 500fps and above, AS WELL AS 5.7 Joules and above to be considered a firearm under Canadian law. And what you put up shows that grey area, they say and/or

One more thing, if the RCMP say it's ok, that doesn't mean it won't get seized at the border, good chance it still will, and you'd be powerless to do anything about it. Stop arguing, stop with the "Well, I'm going to call the RCMP!!!" crap. Doesn't matter what they say, it's Customs that you have to deal with. Now if yo uwent to the US and bought one for cheap (is why yo uare going on and on about this), and you declare it when drving across the border, you might get it in country without a hassle, pay your duty and you are laughing. At least if you are that set on bringing this thing into the country, do it in person so yo uhave a better chance of pointing out that it's just a toy gun, you'll have a 1000% better chance of getting it that way than if someone else brought the box in and Customs decided to seize it. Going the cheap route and losing it just means you have to pay 1.5x as much as you'd pay to buy the same gun in Canada. Because you'd lose your cash you paid for the 0.5, and you'd have to buy one here at full price.
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