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Originally Posted by Blitzz40 View Post
Just to make that clear and base on a personnal experience with the CBSA not later than last week. They will size everything that have a trigger on it. You still need the proper import license for a RS gun and airsoft replica are even worst. Even with the right license they can still size them. Simply ask yourself why we just have a few retailers left.

edit : typo
Im not saying that you wont have any problems intialy...what i am saying is that by law...the CBSA would not have any legal right to keep the guns if they met the criteria i have outlined here.

Yes they may question...and yes they may even send the guns to the RCMP to test...but as long as the FPS tests come back at the specified FPS rating, they would have to release them to you. If they dint, then you would apeal.....go before the board.....and i would take all their previous disitions with me...and i would walk out with a release order by the court directing the CBSA to release my murchandise to me!
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