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Originally Posted by kos View Post
This has been argued countless times. Do we really need another thread about this?
Yes Kos, apparently someone thinks we do need another thread about this.

Dog Face, best of luck with you in your endeavor, kudos to you for trying, like I said, not to sound cynical but all I see in your argument is a bunch of transparent "ifs" and your interpretation of and application of something from the RCMP website. Interpretation works two ways and the CBSA may not see it your way, your thinking about it all in the terms of airgun restrictions, you havent even thought about applying replica restrictions yet, even though an airsoft gun may not exactly be a replica, for all intensive purposes the CBSA will most likly treat it like one.

I dont feel like beating a dead horse anymore. If anyone needs it, its 930am. I'll be having a martini.

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