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Originally Posted by BBS View Post
you know there has been a thread from ages ago; and in it contains a letter to the gov't that ASC members came up with. obviously the letter was about changing the law.

guess what: the gov't didnt even bother.
your missing the point to some not talking about changing any current laws...though that might happen if the Canadian Government sees the tax dollars start to roll in based on airsoft. I'm talking about sidestepping the current laws...assuming it can be done. There was a whole movement back in the beginning of the paintball days to try and ban paintball..."it's dangerous" they said. Now, there are exceptions for paintball in Canadian law...why? because it makes the government money and it adds to our economy!

Anyhow...its 4:20 am in Toronto and im going to bed...cant wait to see what mail i have in the morning! lol
Oh wait, was she a great big fat person?
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