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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post

Canada itself is to small of an airsoft market for them to invest any interest in really.
I have to totally disagree with you 100,000%

The reason is simple!!! The reason we have a small community at this point is based on a few factors:

A: cost of guns
B: legalities of getting guns
C: Associated cost of importing and purchasing said guns
D: oh ya, cost of guns.

If you could bring the cost of the guns down to US levels, you would see a HUGE influx of new people to the is too cost prohibitive at this point due to the (at this point) one or two companies in Canada that control and import them...hence setting the pricing for all of us to enjoy...not!

imagine if you could get a G23F for $175 instead of $375...lots of people would jump on board with Airsoft and we would have dedicated airsoft fields (like we do paintball) all across Canada.

Just my thoughts!
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