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Originally Posted by BBS View Post
sorry if i cant articulate my english. haha english is my second language. some times it would state the fps on the box. but why would a random gun like the "Marzen MP5" not make it across if you have the right legal documents and procedures?
Ah, this is in ware the confusion of our conversation lies!!!

I have read on a few posts now that there are a handful of airsoft guns that qualify/fall inline as a BB gun under Canadian law...thus they are not prone to the "special" import licensing required to "legally" import airsoft into Canada under the current laws.

And now im about to go "off topic" on my own

If indeed there are a handful of airsoft guns out there that fall into the BB/air gun (not Airsoft or replica) category because of their FPS rating, why is it that we (the Canadian Airsoft community) are not patishioning (wrong spelling) the Airsoft manufacturers (KSC, Maruzen...etc) to develop or upgrade a class of gun for the Canadian market that sidesteps the, markings on the boxes that clearly state the FPS rating and classification as a "airgun".

Maybee im off my rocker on this one, but.......
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