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I haven't read REPLICA mentioned here. It's my understanding that if you did try to import this thing and it got seized, if at tribunal you could not prove that it fired over 500 fps you would be in a world of hurt. Now if it does then you have to register this as a firearm and you are bound by the laws of the land where firearms are concerned. I.E register said piece and hold a valid PAL. It's not just customs your going to encounter on this journey the RCMP are going to be very closely involved with the investigation. Unless this thing is a clear soft (which it isn't) it is not worth the risk IMHO. There are too many what if's and could be's in this area. But that said all cases that have been shown here (on ASC) point to the negative in the end. A replica is a replica in the eye's of the law. Just my two cents worth so take it for what it's worth.
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