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Clarification on gas powered airsoft over 500 FPS

So I'm thinking of getting ether the Tanaka M700 AICS or the Maruzen Type 96.

The question's are these:

If the gun shoots over 500 FPS, by law is it not considered a firearm that needs to be registered and that you need a PAL for?

Two, if it shoots over 400 FPS but under 500 FPS, is it not considered a BB gun that could easily be imported bypassing the Airsoft B.S. at customs.

Now i know some of you are gona say that ill still run into problems at the boarder and bla bla if i try to get it in as a BB gun as opposed to Airsoft...but I'm just trying to understand this gray area...then again i might be totaly missing something as well.

Fire away!
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