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Originally Posted by RagingPigCop View Post
.......They Bribed me to give their product's a try. And I end up getting the same result every single time.

Also A Pet Peeve on Airsoft; How come people keep telling me CUP's are for wussies?
Teethguards are wussies (make sure to take the radio away from them too, sounds like they have a "hair lip" or something, really awful to listen to, more so if you can understand what the hell they are saying).

A bottle cap between your legs is for wussies. Nuff said.

A cup.................. well, if you are that afraid of getting cockshot, and as long as it doesn't make you sound like a retard, who cares?

I've gotten cockshot before, not a big deal if you have fabric in between, but still, worst thing to happen that I felt is that I didn't shoot the fucker first. No big deal getting hit there. Unless you are taking a tactical piss, then you are in shit, because not even a cup will protect that............... unless you are wearing tactical Depends all day. Or a Kevlar condom.

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