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Originally Posted by Stone Evil View Post
I recently received my JG G36C. Communication was very fast, each time I contacted them. I received the gun eight business days after I ordered it. Yes, I paid $40... I ordered the same gun from last year when they still sold decent guns. charged me $28 for shipping, but they were only one province away. Considering I live in BC, and they shipped from Montreal, I guess $40 was an ok compromise.
The box was wrapped in parcel paper, but was not protected by an outer box like buyairsoft did for me last year. As a result, my box was a little mangled. Also, I was alarmed when I noticed that the orange barrel protector was off, and there were bbs in the high cap mag already. I figured that I had received a used gun. I also was surpirsed to see the 220 volt charger instead of hte 110. When I received the gun from buyairsoft last year, they supplied it with the 110v. I guess they added it themselves. I emailed shootsoft and received a response very quickly.
They said that they would consider the outer box idea. They also said that the reason that the orange cover was rolling around was that they tested the gun, and the battery. They purposely left the barrel cover off as indication of this test. And since I mentioned the battery charger thing, they have now left a message on each JG that mentions that fact that it has the 220V charger. They also now mention that each JG gun is tested before it leaves the store.
I woud definately buy from them again. I appreciate the fast responses in email.
Oh, and no orange flash hider!!!
Some retailers test their guns before ship them out to customers, like A&A.
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