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Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
This is completely true. If you can take anything away from this thread it should be that you should WAIT!. I discovered the sport of airsoft about 3 years ago when I was 14 and Hearing about the 18+ rules that were just coming becoming standard and extremely enforced. At that time I was a little reluctant but I soon realized that it was a good rule and I'm not getting around it. Now, almost 4 years later and I'm 4 months away from hitting 18 and I look back at the time I waited, got to know everybody in AAS, It was no time at all!

Getting to know them opened up a GREAT sales deal for my first purchase and they all mostly trust me before I even hit the field.

So take the time and wait, hop on your local areas forums and get to know everybody there.

That's because we used to drill it into your head when you brought up age. He unlike most noobs actually took the hint
Originally Posted by Hades View Post
I agree!! I always have my good long thinking shits while sitting on the can and wearing a good sturdy pair of boots.
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