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Originally Posted by diamond_SEA View Post
You can only truly appreciate airsoft when you are able to buy/trade and go to larger events. 3 years will go by fast.
This is completely true. If you can take anything away from this thread it should be that you should WAIT!. I discovered the sport of airsoft about 3 years ago when I was 14 and Hearing about the 18+ rules that were just coming becoming standard and extremely enforced. At that time I was a little reluctant but I soon realized that it was a good rule and I'm not getting around it. Now, almost 4 years later and I'm 4 months away from hitting 18 and I look back at the time I waited, got to know everybody in AAS, It was no time at all!

Getting to know them opened up a GREAT sales deal for my first purchase and they all mostly trust me before I even hit the field.

So take the time and wait, hop on your local areas forums and get to know everybody there.

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