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people who dont call their hits, but complain when they're shot in the face.
amen to that. lol

people who pretend they were in the marines.
this one esspecially. "ya i was in the sas, got 32 confirmed kills. 12 of them sniper shots. and then i was in the royal marines, the foriegn legion and finally jtf2." oh? really? what are the chances of a seasoned forces member moving to alberta, let alone butt fuck brooks, a place people in calgary have never heard of, lucky me. but wait... you say you were both an sniper AND a shock troop? wow... quite the porfolio you have. of course i believe you... did you just die a little inside just now?
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.
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