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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
Cdn stalker?, do you need to biuld this box unit of yours,or can you use
it outside in normal sunlight.

I missed that mention of airsoft only on the guarder 2000.
Typically it's meant to be used outdoors (bright sunlight use diffusers, all is required is in the box, allowing single rods and 2 part diffusers, or double rods and 3 part diffusers), or stand alone in overcast sunlight. Only need other light sources, as has been mentioned above when using indoors. So far tonight only the LED lights are working, so will try out over the next few nights to see if my guns hold roughly about the same fps readings.

Is funny, for all the info I've passed, have had quite a few interesting posts made regarding different light sources, yet no one has taken into consideration the different readings each night from two AEGs and one bolt action spring rifle, but are consistant night to night with the TM springer. If light was the main variable, the TM springer would yeild different readings as well, yet it constantly remains within roughly 10fps between 210-220fps with 0.20g.
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