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Thanks Illusion, will PM you. I bought a couple dollar store three LED lamps to try out on top of the diffusers, even if they do flicker a little bit, it shouldn't be nearly as bad as flourescent lighting. And I'll have to set up something better to chrony with for set up, literally my set up is four empy two fours, a cardboard box for an electric guitar, chrony and BB backstop. Works well enough for now.

Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
No you didn't. Get a Guarder 2000. They're specifically set up for airsoft and don't suffer from the light requirements the F1's do. I've sent my Guarder in to get calibrated every year, it's never needed so much as an adjustment.
Well, what can I say that I already haven't, don't feel like blowing another chunk of cash on a chrony, even if it is a bit better than this one (not like this one is years old and out of whack, been shot dozens of times or anything, it's barely 3 months old). And meant for airsoft really doesn't matter to light sensors, a projectile is a projectile, and I do't have the need for fanciness like joule readings and adjustable to BB weights. I'll stick with what I have and sort out the best means to set it up. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
Hey Ibby,will the guarder 2000 work with 22's and crossbows as well.
I've been looking for a do all chorno if possible.
Chrony F1, same as what I have. It does everything from archery to shotguns to paintballs to pen tossing. Fps range from 30fps to 7000fps.
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