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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Well, i got one of the best and most consistant ones out there, the same one used at most fields too, and don't feel like spending more than the $110 I already did. It's a real steel Chrony, not a crappy cheapo one.

I think I'll pick up some cheap LED lights and place them on the diffusers and see if that changes anything.
LED's will only fuck up your readings. Incandescents are the only light source that will work with your diffusers. As mentioned, LED's do flicker (although faster than your eye can probably pick up when lit at full strength.) As you lower the voltage, you can see the flicker much more apparently.

Send me a PM and I can mail you my old lighting setup I used on my Shooting Chrony. I sourced out the exact bulbs they used for their add-on rig and assembled a ghetto cheap version of the same thing for just a couple bucks. All I needed was the bulbs, a bulb socket, and wiring that terminated in a wall plug. Gave me rock solid results for 2 solid years.

It's pretty cheezy, but it worked. I'll discuss it more with you via PM. Alternatively, I can get you the actual lighting kit as well (for whatever reason, Le Baron doesn't sell them.)

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Regular lights flicker too. Power is 60Hz.
They do, but the way the filament burns, by the time the next cycle comes around, the filament is still burning at almost full power. Incandescents are not so much of a solid on or off such as fluorescent or light emitting diodes are.
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