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Originally Posted by CORNbread View Post
Hi everybody!
I'm looking to get into Airsoft in the near future and I thought buying a gun was generally a good first step Anywho, I looked at the list of Regional Reps to get age verified (I hear the classifieds are the best way to get a good price on a gun to start out) and the rep from Victoria doesnt have an email listed.

So does anyone know how to contact him? If not I should probably just contact Rick in Nanaimo right?

Thanks for the help in advance!

1 more thing, I suggest coming out once and trying everything out before buying a gun. We have fair range of different guns to try/loan so that might help you make a bit more of an informed decision on what type of gun you want and also give you a chance to learn abit about what to look for. Just a opinion. We have seen guys come out for the 1st time after buying all their gear only to find out that their choice was either not very good for them or the gun it self turned out to be junk.
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