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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
I don't want to use a shell catcher which is what the
rap bb system uses.I also don't want a jac ststem with the
hose.I want to use a gas system without using shells.
I will be able to use this rain or shine and not worried
about water.This design will sound nice when fired.
I can always fall back on my AEG for cooler weather.
The rap 6mm kit is cheap and comes with no evidence
of its ability work as claimed.For all I know,the 6mm could
roll out barrel like the kit I have from them,I instead
converted it to a 177.pellet and it works,but I had to mod
their system to get it to fire their's.
Thanks for the input guys.
i've used mine in a downpour and the shittiest freezing rain it worked fine until the wind got a little strong for the bb's and if you plan to use the the gun without a line connecting to a separate tank then you just have a very limited power supply.
If you do get the RAP4 airsoft conversion do yourself a favour and get the ones with a hopup if all else fails then go back to the AEG, running a gas set up will be alot of fun but be prepared to do a lot of work and carry more gear
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