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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Hey Crunch, a stock TM isnt bad, personally its a little to weak actually and for the the motor which is supposed to be some form of high torque clone it would be a little fast on a 9.6. Essentially if you try stock TM I recommend an 8.4V battery.

I personally put a guarder SP90 into mine, on 8.4V batts it runs fine, and on a 9.6 I found it doesnt run to high either.
The 280-ish performance is too weak, IMO. I would rather have a more functional 320 to 340-ish range. I'll probably (in the short term) use the battery that came with the 416 until I put in my next Redwolf or eHobby Asia order, then I'll get a better battery and the required spring.

I'm liking the Prometheus nonlinear springs, so would probably grab an MS100SP instead of the 110 I have in my C8 and about to install into my M15. The 110 gives me about 360 in my C8 (before the mechbox blew apart). I have another one that I'll install in my M15 rifle shortly and it should give me about 380-390 or so in that gun. The slightly weaker 100 spring should put me in the sub 350 range with the short 10" barrel of the 416.
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