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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Simple, I don't plan to.

Reason is KSC and AE are not the same quality in any way shape or form. I've spent considerably more time and money making a more consistent and better shooting product than them. And based on my sales figures year over year, each year my sales about doubles. So thats gotta hurt AE and KSC at least in Canada. This year we'll be selling more into the northern US. At most the Canadian dollar will remain at par or will dip down when you actually exchange it, so even if they price match, once you add duty, taxes and shipping, Bastards are still a better deal both dollar wise and quality wise.

I've always bet on airsofters who prefer to pay perhaps one or two dollars more on a bag in order to get a better product.

Also, I unlike AE, KSC, et al. I don't have to answer to airsofters with jammed and broken guns due to shit materials, compression manufacturing, and shattered BBs due to widespread distribution of airbubbles in the substrate. I'd rather pay a little more and charge a little more to avoid those phone calls. Unlike those makes, you guys have my name, phone number and address - I am not some anonymous Hong Kong ricebag pusher who suddenly doesn't know who you are when you have a complaint.
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