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Possible deal gone bad?

OK, so after seeing that A&A was shutting down after march, I decided against my better judgment to order one last gun from them before they bit the dust. On January 28, I ordered a KJW M9 which they had in stock and paid via paypal. Since my paypal was wired to my bank account I already knew it would take a few days(5-10 days). Well, checking my paypal on the 10th of February, I noticed that the payment had cleared as expected. Interestingly, I never received an email from paypal telling me it cleared. Anyways, I emailed mark inquiring about the status of my order and he told me that "the payment hasn't cleared our account and when it does the order will be sent out". I've checked my paypal account today and there's no change... It still says the payment has cleared. I just shot off an email to mark and I dunno when he's gonna respond... Is this a possible deal gone bad? I'm not gonna speculate too much since it is kinda early but all this waiting is really pissing me off... I dunno but I suspect that there could be some sorta problem with paypal too...
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