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New CQC Facility

Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask you all a question about my CQC facility in Saskatchewan.

At this point I am now aware that I have one of the only multi-level CQC facilities in Canada. When I opened it I thought there would be many more like it across the country but in talking with players from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, I now know different. It has three floors and approx 7000 sqft of space on those three floors.

I am now in the initial stages of opening a much much bigger CQC facility. This building that I am looking at now has four floors, and somewhere between 55,000, and 70,000 sqft. It's big.

Here's my question, If I open this new big facility would anyone from eastern Canada play here if there were big events taking place here? Would you make the trip?

Thank you.
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